Wednesday, November 16, 2011


this one was free loh! menang quiz di twitternya @thegoodsCAFE. :D
so yes, this is the famous coffee rubbed burger. but no bacon in it :( i realized that there's no bacon in it after i ate half of the burger. lol. *laper apa rakus :))
but it's ok. still taste good! just not 100% good without the bacon. the burger itself was big and the meat was soft. nice one lah! ga heran kalo ini terkenal banget.
but i don't really like the fries. it's different with fast food restaurant's fries, of course. french friesnya kurang garing dan cenderung lembek. tapi tetep abis sih :P

The Goods Cafe, The Goods Dept - Plaza Indonesia

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