Wednesday, September 7, 2011


i rarely say that something is not recommended. this time i say it. this is not recommended. no asparagus found in the soup. i wonder how they could come up with the name sup asparagus. -_-
ini kayak sejenis sup yang kental, isinya sedikit daging kepiting dan telor kayaknya. rasanya pun ga mantep. kurang asin, gurih, dll. i put some sambal in supaya ada rasanya. blah.

Rasane Seafood - Alam Sutra


woaaah, this one is spicy! real spicy! me likey like! hahah.. you know it's often happen that some menu have the 'spicy' or 'hot' or 'chilli' on their name but in fact they're not that spicy. this one is real spicy. the sauce was hot and they add a big cabe rawit on the top of it so you can add more spiciness. nyam. oh isinya spaghetti, udang, rebung, and a super little bit of nori. i don't like rebung jadi dipinggirin deh. maybe someday i'll go for this one again if i feel like wanna have spicy pasta :D

Pasta De Waraku - Mall Taman Anggrek