Sunday, February 3, 2013


This is the best mac and cheese I've ever tasted in my life. Instead of only cooking some pasta with cheese, Ninety Nine puts some more additional ingredients like jalapeno, green peas, and sun dried tomato. For my Indonesian tongue, most of mac and cheese I've tried are bland. This one is not. It actually has flavour. 
The cheese sauce was kinda runny at first but as it cools down, it sets. The portion is kinda big so this whole portion makes me too full but of course I finished the whole plate. Hahaha. Maybe next time I'll share this plate with a friend. 
Speaking of additional ingredients on mac and cheese, I just remembered that Ninety Nine's aglio olio has some spinach and more things in it. Mungkin emang Ninety Nine makanannya agak2 fusion gitu kali ya..

Ninety Nine - Pesanggrahan


  1. wah kemarin sempet nyobain iniii
    awalnya enak tapi kok lama2 aku ngerasa hambar yah :D apa karena kebanyakan porsinya jadi lama2 ngga begitu napsu makannya

    1. iyaaa.. kebanyakan jadi ga gt menikmati deh yg bagian akhir2.. tp soal rasa kl dibandingin sama semua yg pernah aku makan, ini yg paling enak soalnya paling ada rasanya :))